• Forge : Le temps de construction a augmenté de 35 à 45 secondes.
  • Forge : Les valeurs de points de vie et de bouclier ont été diminuées de 550/550 à 400/400.
  • Vaisseau mère : La capacité Vortex supprime désormais les Champs de force se trouvant dans sa zone d'effet.
  • Thor : Le rayon a diminué de 1,375 à 0,8125.
  • Thor : La taille du modèle a été réduite pour correspondre au nouveau rayon.
  • Cafard : Le coût en ravitaillement du cafard a été augmenté de 1 à 2.
Interface utilisateur
  • Plusieurs modifications de raccourcis clavier ont été effectuées (version allemande uniquement).
Corrections de bug
  • Correction d'un problème qui faisait parfois planter le jeu lorsqu'on quittait le programme.

Tout comme pour le patch beta 11, Blizzard a posté un message afin de détailler les raisons qui ont poussé les développeurs à effectuer certaines modifications dans le patch d'hier. Celui-ci n'est disponible qu'en anglais pour l'instant, mais nul doute que nos amis de Blizzard Europe proposeront une traduction sous peu !
  • Thor : We have reduced the physical and pathing size of the Thor just to make him more useable. This will end up being a minor buff to the Thor (which he didn’t really need). We made the change just to make him less frustrating to use. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how this change plays out and if Thors become too dominant we will deal with them in other ways in future patches.
  • Forge : We are seeing a Photon Cannon rush against protoss and zerg. Against protoss, players usually use a cliff edge or the enemy minerals in combination with their forge to protect their pylon. Against zerg, you can use the Forge and Pylon to block the zerg player’s ramp. We have a few numbers we can tweak to fix this, build time on the Forge being the most obvious. However if we make the build time too high it will be difficult to panic build a Forge and Cannons to block a badly played cloak attack. So we are going to try a mixture of health nerfs to the Forge and a small timing change.
  • Mothership : Vortex continues to be an exciting ability with some known issues. Limiting how Force Fields are used around Vortexes will help fix a few exploitable situations. Our thanks go to the community for continuing to find and report issues with it. =)
  • Roach : Roaches are just too mighty to be a 1 supply unit. In 200 supply battles Roaches can be very difficult to deal with even with the correct counters in play by protoss or terran players.
As always, we appreciate the ongoing constructive feedback and will continue to closely monitor the effects of these changes within the game.